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Why is it important to instill in our children to believe in themselves and to fight for their own dreams? Check out this article for a great example of what this type of teaching can do.


This encouraging article by ABC News, gives a clear example of why it is important for people with autism to believe in themselves, that many of them have or can develop skills, and that they can fight for their own dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem. It is also a lesson for parents and educators of people with Autism, so that they not only believe in them, but encourage them to set goals and support them at all times to achieve them.

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👉   ‘Take a chance on me’


TL;DR (Brief Summary)

  • Ryan Lowry, a young man with ASD living in Virginia, USA, at the age of 19 wrote «Take a chance with me» in a letter requesting a job on social media.
  • Ryan said: ”I am talented in math, very good with technology, and I learn very fast «
  • He said he needs a little help because he learns differently, but once he learns, he can do very well.
  • “I promise that if you hire me and teach me, you’ll be glad that you did. I will show up every day, do what you tell me to do, and work really hard.»
  • The post went viral and has been viewed million of times and more than 1,000 organizations have volunteered to help.



What Ryan did is a perfect example that if people with ASD believe in themselves, they can go far and achieve their goals. All people with Autism are different, but each of them has something that they can excel at. If you are a person with Autism, believe in yourself and fight to achieve those dreams, no matter how long it takes and how difficult it is, remember that you are wonderful. As Ryan, you may use your skills to get jobs, and achieve life goals.

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